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ESIL Research Forum on International Law: Contemporary Issues

Graduate Institute of International Studies (HEI), Geneva,
26-28 May, 2005

For information regarding Registration, Accommodation, and the Venue, please click the links on the right side of this page.

Introduction to the Forum
The first ESIL Research Forum is hosted by the Law Section of the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva (HEI) ( and is organised in cooperation with the Law Faculty of the University of Basel. The HEI, a teaching and research institution devoted to the study of international relations, stands out not only by virtue of its multidisciplinary and international character, but also by its location in Geneva which allows for constant interaction with international governmental and non-governmental organisations. The HEI is therefore particularly pleased to be able to host this second major ESIL activity.

The main purpose of the ESIL Research Forum is to encourage the presentation of ongoing research by scholars of international law, to stimulate the exchange of views on specific areas of international law and to establish connections between the participants in accordance with the ESIL goals. These goals are, in particular, to foster a broad-based participation from all parts of Europe by providing a forum for European-wide discussions, and to encourage the involvement and representation of younger scholars. To that end, the Forum will be essentially based on workshops enabling the sharing of new ideas among groups of colleagues specialized or particularly interested in a specific workshop theme. The eight thematic workshops, focussing on key sectors or branches posing challenges to contemporary international law, are amongst the central events of the ESIL Research Forum.
The Forum’s location in Geneva provides a unique opportunity for participants to take part in a special event which will be hosted by the International Law Commission (ILC) at the United Nations Office in Geneva (UNOG) focusing on the topical theme of Responsibility of International Organizations. Two plenary sessions will also be held, bringing together eminent international law scholars. The first will query the death of the Westphalian system in a globalized world. The second will explore and evaluate the landmark Advisory Opinion delivered by the International Court of Justice on the Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Finally, two eminent Judges of the International Court of Justice will, in their keynote addresses, look at the maintenance of international peace and security from the perspective of both the United Nations political organs and the International Court of Justice.
The working languages of the Forum will be English and French (no translation will be provided). To this end, and in order to enable discussion in the workshops, participants are expected to have a good knowledge of one language and, at least, a passive knowledge of the other.

* * *



13:30-15:00 Registration / Inscription (Villa Barton - Hall)


15:00-15:30 Welcome address / Propos de bienvenue

Daniel Warner (Deputy to the Director / Adjoint du directeur, HEI)
Bruno Simma (President ESIL / Président de la SEDI)
Vera Gowlland-Debbas (Head International Law Section, HEI)
Vittorio Mainetti (Forum Coordinator / Coordinateur du Forum, HEI)

15.30-17:30 Panel:
Are the Rumors of the Death of the Westphalian System Exaggerated? / Les rumeurs sur la mort du système de Westphalie sont-elles exagérées?

Chair / Présidence: Bruno Simma (Judge, ICJ)

Georges Abi-Saab (Organe d’Appel de l’OMC ; Professeur honoraire, HEI)
Ian Brownlie (ILC; University of Oxford)
Djamchid Momtaz (CDI; Université de Téhéran)
Alain Pellet (CDI; Université Paris X - Nanterre)
Brigitte Stern (Université Paris I - Sorbonne; HEI)
Hanqin Xue (ILC)

17:30-18:00 Keynote speaker / Allocution spéciale:

Hisashi Owada (Judge, ICJ):
The United Nations and the Maintenance of International Peace and Security: the Current Debate in the Light of Reform Proposals

18:30-20:00 Reception hosted by / Réception offerte par Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
Cafétéria « Le paresseux » HEI


8:45-10:45 Parallel Workshops / Ateliers parallèles:

1. Revisiting Contemporary International Legal Theory / Revisiter la théorie contemporaine du droit international
Auditoire Jacques Freymond (AJF)

Convener / Responsable: Thomas Skouteris (University of Leiden)
Chair / Présidence: Anne Peters (University of Basel)
Discussant / Commentateur: Martti Koskenniemi (ILC; University of Helsinki)

Selected research papers / Travaux de recherche sélectionnés :
Jörg Kammerhofer (University of Vienna): Unearthing Structural Uncertainty through Neo-Kelsenian Modernist Consistency
Alejandro Lorite-Escorihuela (Université du Québec à Montréal): Cultural Relativism the American Way: The New Nationalist School of International Law in the United States
Akbar Rasulov (University of Glasgow): The Double Impossibility of International Law: Navigating the Practical Philosophy of the International Legal Project
Barbara Stark (Hofstra Law School, Hempstead, New York): Lost in Translation: What is Postmodern International Law and Is It Good for Women?

2. Law and Policy in the International Protection of the Environment / La protection internationale de l’environnement : aspects juridiques et politiques Villa Barton, Room / Salle S1 (Max 60 prs.)

Convener / Responsable: Francesco Sindico (University Jaume I, Castellón)
Chair / Présidence: Laurence Boisson de Chazournes (Université de Genève)
Discussant / Commentateur: Catherine Redgwell (University College London)

Selected research papers / Travaux de recherche sélectionnés :
Haroldo Machado Filho (HEI): Looking for Adequate Tools for the Enforcement of Multilateral Environmental Agreements: Compliance Procedures and Mechanisms
Owen McIntyre (University College, Cork): The Role of Customary Rules and Principles in the Environmental Protection of Shared International Freshwater Resources
Ana Peyró Llopis (New York University ; CERIC, Aix-en-Provence): Le mécanisme d'observance du Protocole de Kyoto : un mécanisme de contrôle dur au sein d’un instrument flexible
Lavanya Rajamani (University of Cambridge): The Contours of Differential Treatment in International Environmental Law. Sharing the Burden of Climate Protection

10:45-11:00 Coffee break / Pause café

11:00-13:00 Parallel Workshops / Ateliers parallèles:

3. Increasing Threats against Human Rights in the War on Terrorism / Les nouvelles atteintes aux droits de l’homme dans le cadre de la guerre contre le terrorisme
Auditoire Jacques Freymond (AJF)

Convener / Responsable: Nathalie Stadelmann (Office fédéral de la justice, Berne)
Chair / Présidence: Susan Marks (University of Cambridge)
Discussant / Commentateur: Nigel Rodley (University of Essex; UN Human Rights Committee)

Selected research papers / Travaux de recherche sélectionnés :
Jessica Almqvist (FRIDE, Madrid): Rethinking Security and Human Rights in the Struggle against Terrorism
Noah Birkhäuser (University of Basel): Sanctions of the Security Council against Individuals – Some Human Rights Problems
Jacques Hartmann (University of Durham): Collateral Damage in the War against Terrorism: the Prohibition of Torture

4. Interactions between Cultural Heritage Law and other Fields of International Law / La protection internationale de la culture et ses interactions avec les autres branches du droit international
Villa Barton, Room / Salle S1 (Max 60 prs.)

Convener / Responsable: Vittorio Mainetti (HEI)
Chair / Présidence: Constantin Economidès (CDI)
Discussant / Commentateur: Francesco Francioni (European University Institute, Florence)

Selected research papers / Travaux de recherche sélectionnés :
Veronika Bílková (Université Charles, Prague): La protection des biens culturels dans le contexte des conflits armés non internationaux (par le droit international humanitaire)
Keun-Gwan Lee (Seoul National University): An Inquiry into the Compatibility of the 2001 UNESCO Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage with the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
Ana Filipa Vrdoljak (University of Western Australia): Beyond the Divide: Minorities, Cultural Rights and the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage
Jan Wouters (Catholic University of Louvain) / Bart De Meester (Catholic University of Louvain): UNESCO’s Convention on Cultural Diversity and WTO Law: Complementary or Contradictory?

13:00-13:45 Sandwich Lunch / Déjeuner sandwich

14:00 Departure for the ILC / Départ pour la CDI


15:00-17:30 Special session with the International Law Commission / Session spéciale avec la Commission du droit international :

Responsibility of International Organisations / La responsabilité des organisations internationales
(Room / Salle XVII)

ILC Chair / Président CDI : Djamchid Momtaz
ILC Special Rapporteur / Rapporteur spécial, CDI : Giorgio Gaja

PLEASE NOTE: NO admission into the Palais des Nations is possible without special security UN badges, which may be collected by participants before the ILC session. These badges are ONLY available for registered participants at the Villa « Les Feuillantines » as of Thursday 26 May morning (see the map on page 12).

IMPORTANT : L’accès au Palais des Nations est réservé aux possesseurs d’un badge spécial de l’ONU, qui pourra être retiré avant la session de la CDI. Les badges seront à la disposition des SEULS participants inscrits au Forum, à partir de jeudi 26 mai à la Villa « Les Feuillantines » (voir le plan à la page 12).

* * *


19:30 Welcome Cocktail / Cocktail de bienvenue

20:00 Forum Dinner at / Dîner du Forum au Restaurant Attique (WMO-OMM)

Keynote Speaker / Allocution spéciale:

Gilbert Guillaume (Ancien Président, CIJ):
La contribution de la Cour internationale de Justice au maintien de la paix et de la sécurité internationales

8:45-10:45 Parallel Workshops / Ateliers parallèles:

5. International Legal Protection of Migrants and Refugees – Ghetto or Incremental Protection? / La protection juridique internationale des migrants et des réfugiés : ghetto ou protection renforcée ?
Auditoire Jacques Freymond (AJF)

Convener / Responsable: Vincent Chetail (HEI; CUDIH, Genève)
Chair / Présidence: Boldizsár Nagy (Central European University, Budapest)
Discussant / Commentateur: Guy Goodwin-Gill (University of Oxford)

Selected research papers / Travaux de recherche sélectionnés :
Gregor Noll (University of Lund): Victims to Be Saved? Migration, Crisis Intervention and the Logic of Disaggregation in International Law
Luis Peral (CEPC; FRIDE, Madrid): Externalisation of EU Action in the Field of International Protection to Persons in Need: Prospects and Constraints
Catherine Phuong (University of Newcastle): Identifying States’ Responsibilities towards Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Ryszard Piotrowicz (University of Wales): Victims of People Trafficking and Entitlement to International Protection

6. Legitimacy and Accountability of International Administrations / Légitimité et responsabilité des administrations internationales
Villa Barton, Room / Salle S1 (Max 60 prs.)

Convener / Responsable: Riikka Koskenmaki (WHO; HEI)
Chair / Présidence: Jorge Cardona (Université Jaume I, Castellón)
Discussant / Présidence: Ralph Wilde (University College London)

Selected research papers / Travaux de recherche sélectionnés :
Jean d’Aspremont Lynden (Université catholique de Louvain): Les administrations internationales de territoire à l’époque contemporaine ou la création internationale d’Etats démocratiques
Erica Harper (UNHCR, Geneva; University of Melbourne): Beyond Brahimi: The Effectiveness and Sustainability of UN Legal Codes in Post-Conflict Situations
Agnes Hurwitz (International Peace Academy, New York): Toward Enhanced Legitimacy of Rule of Law Programs in Multidimensional Peace Operations: Global Trends, Local Concerns
Carsten Stahn (International Criminal Court): Accountability and Legitimacy in Practice: Lawmaking by Transitional Administrations

10:45-11:00 Coffee break / Pause café

11:00-13:00 Parallel Workshops / Ateliers parallèles:

7. How Does Contemporary International Law Accommodate Private Actors? / Quelle place pour les acteurs privés en droit international contemporain?
Auditoire Jacques Freymond (AJF)

Convener / Responsable: Frédéric Mégret (University of Toronto)
Chair / Présidence: Andrew Clapham (HEI)
Discussant / Commentateur: August Reinisch (University of Vienna)

Selected research papers / Travaux de recherche sélectionnés :
Olivier de Frouville (Université de Paris X - Nanterre): Une société servile à l’ONU ?
Karsten Nowrot (Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg): New Approaches to the International Legal Personality of Multinational Corporations. Towards a Rebuttable Presumption of Normative Responsibilities
Mia Swart (University of the Witwatersrand): Beyond Repair: Accomplice Liability under International Law and the Apartheid Reparations Case
Emanuele Rebasti (European University Institute, Florence), Luisa Vierucci (University of Florence): A Legal Status for NGOs in Contemporary International Law? A contribution to the Debate on “Non-State Actors” and Public International Law at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century

8. Implementing Decisions of International Organizations in Domestic Law / La mise en œuvre des décisions des organisations internationales en droit interne
Villa Barton, Room / Salle S1 (Max 60 prs.)

Convener / Responsable: Martin Björklund (The Erik Castrén Institute, University of Helsinki)
Chair / Présidence: Christian Dominicé (Professeur honoraire, HEI ; Université de Genève)
Discussant / Commentateur: Hélène Ruiz Fabri (Université de Paris I - Sorbonne)

Selected research papers / Travaux de recherche sélectionnés :
Shujie Feng (Université de Paris I - Sorbonne): La mise en œuvre des décisions de l’ORD en matière de propriété intellectuelle par les pays en développement
Nikos Lavranos (University of Amsterdam): Decisions of International Organizations in EU and Domestic Legal Orders
Richard Steinberg (UCLA School of Law): The Formation and Transformation of Trading States: GATT/WTO Rules and State Institutional Change Since 1947
Ales Weingerl (University of Oxford): Can the Doctrines of Transformation and Incorporation Provide the Best Answer to the Question of the Implementation of International Law in Internal Law?

13:00-14:30 Lunch / Déjeuner


14:30-16:00 Panel:
The ICJ Advisory Opinion on the Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory / L’avis consultatif de la CIJ sur les conséquences juridiques de l’édification d’un mur dans le territoire palestinien occupé
(Auditoire Jacques Freymond - AJF)

Chair / Présidence: Lucius C. Caflisch (Judge, ECHR; HEI)

Andrea Bianchi (HEI): The Jurisdiction of the Court and the question of judicial propriety
Iain Scobbie (SOAS, University of London): The Responsibility of the UN for Palestine
Daniel Khan (University of Munich): The Application of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law to the Occupied Palestinian Territory
Christian Tams (University of Kiel): The Court's Treatment of the Use of Force and the Problem of Self-Defense against Terrorist Acts

16:00-16:30 Coffee break / Pause café

16:30-18.00 Round Table / Table ronde:
The ICJ Advisory Opinion and Its Wider Implications for International Law / L’avis consultatif de la CIJ et ses répercussions générales pour le droit international
(Auditoire Jacques Freymond - AJF)

Chair / Présidence: Vera Gowlland-Debbas (HEI)
Eyal Benvenisti (University of Tel-Aviv)
John Dugard (ILC; Special Rapporteur on Palestine)
Pierre-Marie Dupuy (Institut Universitaire Européen, Florence)
Marcelo Kohen (HEI)
Christine Chinkin (London School of Economics)
Georg Nolte (University of Munich)

18:00-18:30 Conclusion: Bruno Simma (ESIL President)

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